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March 20, 2006



Excellent, excellent. I am so glad Carrie got us all up to go...and thankful none of us got alcohol poisoning. I would do the swallow thing any day. My pics will be up later tonight.


I had an absolute blast, V. Thanks for the porn, the laughs and for the conversation on the trip home.


I hauch a good time! Really weird, but my hang over started Sunday night when we got home, and made me very tired. Luckily I felt great today! I don't even care I didn't see one damn swallow!


I love 630am walk-up calls, swallows, Pavel, trains, Francois Girbaud stonewashed jean jackets, handicap people, Max Orloff, champagne, waiters & friends named Peter, taking pictures of inappropriate "people" in holy bathrooms & hefeweizen beer. xoxox.


Aren't you forgetting the intro to Lisa Lampinelli, the "bisexuals" air quotes included, cameras, cameras and more cameras, Swallows Inn (or as C To says, Wallows Inn), self-avowed size queens, self-avowed Max Orloff fans (oh wait, one and the same), and of course felching (learn something new every day, that's my motto).

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