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March 20, 2006



Damn, we should organize these kinda events here!!



Like you, I think I've earned my grey hair. It's been, what, two years since we first went? So this would be G:LAB 4 (since we attended the second one).


Andy had a colon in his first announcement, and so, I just kept it.

However, I'd be happy for you to examine my colon anytime.


wow. has there really been three g:labs already? at some point, i think we just have say we've earned our wings and move on.


Well, Tim, the first two go back to the Andy Towle days...and it has been almost two years since the last!


@LasseLundster nearly a perfect comment. But please, If you are going to insult us, please spell check. It means? a lot. Now you just look silly.


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