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January 02, 2009



Sounds like a plan... but if you're thinking of making this post magically disappear later in the year... That's like telling yourself right now that you don't have to follow through with what you've written down.

How about thinking about your resolutions in more specific goals as well? Eg. saving $X a month, going to Y volunteer activities a month. That way it becomes easier to keep track of your progress.

Hope this doesn't come across as preachy- just passing on what others have taught me.

Good luck! :-)


Nah, I know that. And as far as removing the post...sort of tongue in cheek. I've never deleted a post in the 5 or so (eek) years I've been doing this and from the beginning have made a point not to do so. As far as specific dollar amounts I do have the amounts in my head, but I always think discussing specifics of one's salary and savings is not meant to be shared except with a select few. The ambiguity is all due to the public-ness of posting. But thanks for the concern.


That's great- I'm sure all that you want will come to fruition.

Now I need to get cracking with my own goals...


The $$$ goal is certainly attainable. I've always thought having two kidneys was highly overrated.

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