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March 13, 2009


Michael in DC

Make him yours...sounds like you can try...You should!

Michael in DC

I have to say again, that I am having withdrawal from your life storytelling. I sure hope you're "Not So Perfect" turned into "Perfect" and you are blissfully happy and getting laid twice or more a day...


Play it again, Van.


Did the jaw dropping damage your keyboard? You're missed around here Van.


I'll be back. The last couple of months have been do crazy I barely have time to schedule a shit. But I'm close to being a homeowner and subsequently poor so I'll have loads of time sitting alone in an empty condo to blog...if I have money to pay for electricity.


I hope you're not teasing about future posts... I'm looking forward to them. Congrats on the house!


For the ones who still check on your blog regularly... are you going to make a come-back, or can we consider it ... dead?


Yes, inquiring minds want to know! Will you return to the blog, or will you not? If not, we will miss reading about your busy, stressful, fun life in L.A.


Is anybody on call?


lol. :)

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